Eco-friendly or Ego-friendly?

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I have always been wanting to discuss the issue of growing concern over environment, which is undoubtedly a controversial issue.

To a great degree, I think a lot of so-called “environmentalists” and “eco-friendly people” are overreacting and hypocritical. I enumerate from following reasons.

Firstly, many wannabe-hippie environmentally friendly people a.k.a. fashion-environmentalists take recreational drugs and complain that human are damaging the environment and destroy the way of nature. I have nothing against being vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons. Some people think it’s wrong and cruel to kill animals/live stocks such as cows and pigs. However, those people are ok with taking recreational drugs that is not fully metabolised in their bodies and contaminating the sea. One might argue “well, it’s not like I am taking tones of cocaine”, but you really shouldn’t underestimate the accumulation of toxic in the sea. For instance, one small fish contaminated getting eaten by a medium sized fish and this medium sized fish getting eaten by a bigger fish etc does affect the bigger fish in the sea, which get contaminated the most. You could also argue that “well, it’s not like I am eating millions of rashes of bacon”. 

Secondly, most of environmental related issues are imposed by the West and consequently the developed countries. Recently, the UN has announced that Japan cannot longer hunt whales under the name of “scientific/research purposes”. To be honest, I think it was wrong for Japan to continue whaling in the name of research purposes. Japan should rather hunt whales for consumption. Alaska, which is technically a part of the USA, is allowed to kill whales because it is a part of their culture. However, Japan has been hunting whales for a long time and consuming whales is definitely a part of Japanese culture. Therefore, I do not understand why it is legitimate for Alaska to hunt whales for “cultural purposes” and it’s not for Japan. This argument also applies to less developed countries. As environmental Kuznets curve and Inglehart’s silent revolution suggest, developed countries do start caring other issues i.e. environment compared to less developed countries. New emerging issues such as environmental issues are almost a norm for developed countries as they have reached the most growing economic period. Less developed countries are still concentrating on the growth in terms of economy. Therefore, I think it is wrong that people from developed countries to say the whole world should care about the environment. It is self-righteous for countries that have already been through damaging the environment for growth to say countries aiming for growth are damaging the environment thus should stop what they are doing right now. Furthermore, if the world was working the other way round in the sense that the West was not dominating the world, probably eating dogs/whales could have been a norm and eating beef/pork could have been seen as a taboo. Some people say dolphins and whales are intelligent animals thus should not be consumed, but if the world was dominated not by the West i.e. China, might have brought a different norm. 

In the light of these facts, I think a lot of eco-friendly people are actually, in fact, ego-friendly people, who want to be seen as cool, edgy and hippy. They care more about how they look in front of others rather than the environment. It makes more sense to say we accept how the nature works in the sense that human do eat other animals and big animals eat small animals. Without a doubt, it is important to think about the nature and sustainability but we humans shouldn’t really overreact too much and impose the Western culture on other indigenous/unique cultures. It may sound harsh but those fashion environmentalists are rather ego-friendly, whose ego is as big as mother earth! 


It’s 2014

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Happy new year! It’s 2014 now.

2013 has been quite intense for me but overall I did enjoy it.
Normally people state their new year’s resolutions such as things they want to stop doing (i.e. no smoking etc) but I have thought it’s a bit too boring and negative so….

Things I want to do in 2014.

1) Reading more books of broader genre.

2) More piercings preferably nose, tragus and belly button.

3) Play more music (guitar and piano).

Hope it’s going to be a good year for everyone !

Girls’ power

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Ok, Zara has been my favourite for years and years. Here are some stuff I particularly picked from Zara FW13.





First of all, I’ve been looking into boots for this winter. LOVE those Zara’s boots.
The long sleeve black jumper thing strikes me so bad. I love the sheer texture yet it has got something underneath to cover yourself! Total awesomeness!
The vertical striped jumper is also unique. I do wear stripes – but not vertical stripes.
Finally, the coat! It must be so perfect for bloody cold British weather. It looks warm, chunky, goes well with any clothes. Just PERFECT.

My Favourite Trippy 60′s

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Brick Lane, London

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Brick Lane in London is my favourite spot – although I’m currently based in Brighton, I often visit Brick Lane to go shopping (mostly for vintage clothes) !
Brick Lane is also very well known for its graffiti.





What is the MOST FAMOUS food in England?
There is a really good fish and chips restaurant nearby Brick Lane. Poppies Fish and Chips

Not to mention, I love (window)shopping vintage shops.
Blitz is a place I always check out every time I’m in Brick Lane!
Its blog is very inspiring too.

Brighton and Brick Lane are quite similar in a way that they are relaxed, casual and adored by vintage lovers!

French lit.

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First of all, I must say I haven’t studied a single French literature in depth in my life, but I somehow have got into French literature. Probably, it’s because of the theme, tone ant atmosphere that are often dark, absurd… Obviously, I’m aware that not all of the French literature are like that, but the ones I like are quite dark and the theme is pretty deep.

My favourite author is Albert Camus. “The Stranger” is one of my favourite books ever.

The other day, I’ve discovered the poetry that is in a way romantic (very typical stereotype of France) yet quite dark.
Paul Eluard is actually one of my favourite poet. I do read poetry in my first language, Japanese, never actually enjoyed reading any in other languages since the translation can be weiredly phrased, but I found a good website for reading French poetry in Japanese so I’m quite happy about it.

Le front aux vitres : Paul Eluard

  Le front aux vitres comme font les veilleurs de chagrin
  Ciel dont j’ai depasse la nuit
  Plaines toutes petites dans mes mains ouvertes
  Dans leur double horizon inerte indifferent
  Le front aux vitres comme font les veilleurs de chagrin
  Je te cherche par dela l’attente
  Par dela moi meme
  Et je ne sais plus tant je t’aime
  Lequel de nous deux est absent.


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