Suicide Forest in Japan.

October 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m going to write about Japan, where I come from.

Watch this video *contains some disgusting and shocking pictures*

It is worth watching.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

According to WHO, Japan has 36.2 people (male) and 13.2 (female) suicide rate per 100000. For a comparison, the UK has 10.9 for males and 3.0 for females. Russian federation, Sri Lanka, Lithania Hungary etc have higher rates than Japan. SCARY!

If you are interested, click

I came up with a question “Why does Japan have a high suicide rate?”

Personally I think it is a culture-related problem. Japan is an island and its culture has formed by “closed” societies. What I mean is that Japanese people take neighbers seriously, respect others much (sometimes too much) and try to integrate by being “ordinary”. Japanese people do not want to stand out from the crowd. “Being the same, looking the same” is important for them. Probably not much in these days in terms of fashion etc, but in a society as in “working” and “neighbourhood”, it is still like that.

I would not reject the whole concept of those things I mentioned above, I do respect the “apologetic culture” of Japan (Japanese people like to apologise for nothing!)

I think this apologetic culture is making the situations worse for Japan-Korea and Japan-China relations…but I’ll write about this another time…

Anyway, back to the topic, I think it is very sad that people use the most impressive forest for suicide. I have been to Mt.Fuji and its area, it is beautiful, and I want it to be famous for it beauty, not “Suicide Forest in Japan” for sure.

I do not know how to reduce the suicide rate, since it’s a socially and culturally linked problem. It is difficult to change drastically. Government and organisations do have campaigns to stop/prevent suicide, but I think it is not as effective as they expect it to be.

I assume, in some extent, it is almost impossible to reduce the suicide rate – there are always suicides everywhere in every country, because human beings have emotions. It is impossible to change someone’s emotions or feelings completely.

However, of course, we are living and influencing each other (both in good and bad ways), so if we consider others and respect others (but not too much) then the suicide rate will be a little better?

I’m not sure…

I thought about killing my self so many times including seriously or just lightly, but if I thought about my relatives and parents, I could not do it. (Don’t worry I won’t think about it ever again!)

I just would like to tell to those people who are thinking of committing suicide. Think about in 10 years time. You might be happy, you might get out of the problems you have right now, you never know. It’s worth gambling your life than killing your self and being nothing. Furthermore, there are lots of people who can help you, not necessarily your parents/relatives, could be anyone. Don’t give up, and look for help. Someone can surely help you, be optimistic, be positive.


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