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Hair design – Abbey Lee Kershaw –

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Abbey Lee Kershaw’s hair styles.

Fairy colours.

tumblr_m4glsqFzYl1r09f27o1_500 tumblr_lw08z1tiho1qiao90o1_500

Mysterious bob.


Edgy blonde.


Natural braid.


An ink blink

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Tattoos are the things that I’d love to get.

Japan (and I assume most of the Asian countries) still have some degree of prejudice against tattoos due to the traditional perspective of tattoos seen as a symbol of Yakuza (Japanese mafia) or some sorts.

On the contrary, Western countries seem to accept the culture of tattoos.

I see a lot of people with tattoos in town here in Britain. What surprises me the most is that even some people work in office with showing their tattoos. My understanding is assumingly not enough in the sense that maybe it solely depends on what kind of jobs.

I will get tattoos (preferably 3 different parts of the body – on my inner triceps, around my ribs and back of my neck) – if I decide to live in England permanentally with a proper job. Supposively it is a good idea because tattoos should have personal meanings.

For example , I always wanted a tattoo looking like a barcode with numbers such as the date when I first came to the UK beneath the barcode then thought it kinda reminds others of Nazi thing? (Jewish people at the concentration camp forced to have numbers on their bodies). So I’m not too sure whether it’s a good idea or not…

Anyway, here are some photos of cool tattoos.

Tattoos tumblr_mby2znKxaX1ri5hheo1_1280 tumblr_me29dvbD5l1r6tis0o1_1280 tumblr_mfzdoaZgnk1riwotco1_500 tumblr_mg1rtd8Mzg1qcasnto1_500 tumblr_lcgptd9AVU1qbn8q5o1_500

Shout-Out The Cut-Out

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Cut-out shoes are smashing.

See by Chloe

See By Chloe


Jeffrey Campbell “Roscoe”

Won Hundred

Won Hundred “Graham”

Jeffrey Campbell 2

Jeffrey Campbell “Kelley”


Surface To Air “Open Wedge V2”


I have to say Jeffrey Campbell makes damn hot shoes. I own a pair so far that are so comfortable to walk in.

Check Sole Struck out for a lot of amazing shoes.


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Because “triangles are my favourite shape”.

5765438751676_Gold_l1 Triangles 5762406394329_Gold_l1 Triangles

Triangle shaped ring, bracelet and necklaces.

Above all from Urban Outfitters

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