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First of all, I must say I haven’t studied a single French literature in depth in my life, but I somehow have got into French literature. Probably, it’s because of the theme, tone ant atmosphere that are often dark, absurd… Obviously, I’m aware that not all of the French literature are like that, but the ones I like are quite dark and the theme is pretty deep.

My favourite author is Albert Camus. “The Stranger” is one of my favourite books ever.

The other day, I’ve discovered the poetry that is in a way romantic (very typical stereotype of France) yet quite dark.
Paul Eluard is actually one of my favourite poet. I do read poetry in my first language, Japanese, never actually enjoyed reading any in other languages since the translation can be weiredly phrased, but I found a good website for reading French poetry in Japanese so I’m quite happy about it.

Le front aux vitres : Paul Eluard

  Le front aux vitres comme font les veilleurs de chagrin
  Ciel dont j’ai depasse la nuit
  Plaines toutes petites dans mes mains ouvertes
  Dans leur double horizon inerte indifferent
  Le front aux vitres comme font les veilleurs de chagrin
  Je te cherche par dela l’attente
  Par dela moi meme
  Et je ne sais plus tant je t’aime
  Lequel de nous deux est absent.


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