Domestic Violence

September 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Recently the video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee from the elevator after the alleged attack has been exposed on the internet. It was beyond shocking and disturbing to watch, and it points out the fact that domestic violence is common throughout the world.

I’d like to mention that domestic violence is NOT only the matter of physical violence. Of course, injuries are visible and any perpetrators assaulting their partners should not be tolerated. However, it is often the case that ONLY actual physical violence is the centre of attention by the society in general, however, the psychological abuse is very often harming and affecting one’s life for a long period of time. Psychological abuse includes controlling behaviour such as isolating from friends/family, limiting the access to money, threatening to harm, indicating a suicide etc. The problem associated with this “invisible” abuse is that the police and the society often find it difficult to notice it is domestic violence.

As a result, the Government (finally) launches consultation on strengthening law by explicitly stating that domestic abuse covers coercive behaviour in England (Reference ). It means that domestic abuse offence could cover emotional abuse as well as physical abuse. This is brilliant news – although it might be difficult to actually prove “invisible” psychological abuse compared to actual physical abuse.


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